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(Pictures form Gainax)


Third Angel


It is the first Angel fights with EVA in the first episode called Sachiel. It grows another head after got hurt by a super-mines.

Forth Angel


It is a weak Angel called Shamshel, easy killed by Shinji.

Fifth Angel


It is a very powerful and high protection Angel called Ramiel. It was killed by Shinji and Rei.

First Angel


This is the First Angel, Adam, who caused The Second Impact. This picture is taken during the Second Impact (2000 A.D.). It is also called The Light Giant.


6thAngel6th -- Gaghiel
7thAngel7th -- Israfel
8thAngel8th -- Sandalphon
9thAngel9th -- Matarael
10thAngel10th -- Shaaquiel
11thAngel11th -- Ireul
12thAngel12th -- Leliel
13thAngel13th -- Bardiel
14thAngel14th -- Zeruel
15thAngel15th -- Arael
16thAngel16th --Armisael

Even all Angels are monsters, but they have never done any very bad thing. The 4 - 17th Angels are just trying to reach Lillith (the origin of life). They fight with EVAs because EVAs want to stop them (the legend says that Third Impact will occurs when Angels reach Lillith). At the episode 24, 17th Angel has reached Lillith, but killed by EVA01.

All 18 Angels:

Angels' name: Gainax's explanation
of Angel:
1.Adam -- Of the Red Earth
2.(unknown) --
3.Sachiel -- Angel of Water
God's price/cost
He is the Monday angel;
invoked from the south;
resident in the 1st Heaven;
"Covering of God";
presiding spirit of the planet Jupiter.
4. Shamshel -- Angel of Day
God's lone conqueror
NO information,...
but there is an angel named "Shamshiel",
who is the light of the day;
the mighty sun of god;
ruler of the 43th Heaven;
prince of Paradise;
guardian angel of Eden.
5. Ramiel -- Angel of Thunder
the elevated of God
Presider over true visions;
chief of thunder;
responsible for the souls in the Last Judgement;
both a holy and fallen angel.
6. Gaghiel -- Angel of Fish
God's roaring beast
angelic guard of the 6th Heaven.
7. Israfel -- Angel of Music
Who precails without understanding
the burning one;
the angel of resurrection and song,
who blow the trumpet at Judement Day.
8. Sandalphon -- Angel of Embryos
Enemy hidden within the house of caves
Tall angel
9. Matarael -- Angel of Rain
Cursed Gift/Premonition from God
No information,.....
but there is an angel named "Matariel",
who is the angel of rain.
10. Sahaquiel -- Angel of Sky
Witness of God
Angelic ruler of the sky
11. Ireul -- Angel of Fear
Watchman of the city
No information,.....
but there is an angel named "Irel",
who rules Tuesday, invoked form the west;
resident of the 5th Heaven.
12. Leliel -- Angel of Night
Jaw/Mouth of God
one of the angelic rulers of night
13. Bardiel -- Humbled/Shameful son of God the angelel of hail
14. Zeruel -- Angel of Might
God's besieging stone/strength
arm of God
15.Arael -- Angel of Birds
The light of/a vision of God
lion of God;
ruler of wind.
16. Armisael -- Angel of Womb
Mountain of God's Judgement/Test
angel of the womb,
invoked during childbirth.
17. Tabris -- angel or genius of free will
18. Lilim -- Human

* Lillith is not an Angel, she is the origin of life, all life include Angels/humans are born from her.

***Those Angels' names are referenced from the "Dead Sea Scroll". It is a scroll which discovered near Dead Sea in Isreal during 1947 (it is where its name come from). It was wrote in about 200 A.D.. In the past, this scroll was kept by the pope and nobody can touch or read it except the pope. They kept it secretly because it talks about the things that will happen after 2000 A.D.. In about 1990 (I do not sure the year!!), the pope think that it is time to let people know the truth, so that he showed the scroll to the public. If you want to know more about "Dead Sea Scroll" you can go to HERE in english version or if you can read Chinese, you can go to this interesting site HERE in chinese GB (this chinese site is not related to "Dead Sea Scroll", it just talks about prophecies). Neon Genesis Evangelion does not only referenced from "Dead Sea Scroll", many features in Evangelion are referenced from the Holy Bible. For example, the name "Longinus" spear (which sticked on Lillith) is the name of the Roman soldier who pierced the heart of Jusus on the cross to confirm Jusus' death.

Credit: Information of Angels are provided by Ahou Tai An, thank you very very much!!

*All pictures in this page are posted with the permission of GAINAX Co., LTD. Copying, distribution or usage of the Neon Genesis Evangelion graphic images in other webpages is prohibited without permission. To receive permission for the usage of any of the Neon Genesis Evangelion graphic images, e-mail GAINAX Co., LTD. at or go to their site at HERE.

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